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Sunday, 20 April 2014

Hoppy Easter!

Happy Easter! Thought I'd do a quick post and show you the card I made for Coen for Easter. It's been years since I made an Easter card and I sold all of my Easter stamps on Ebay so I had a look around Pinterest Land and found a fab card made by Crystal and thought it would be perfect for my little Easter bunny! 

I changed a few things such as the black hole as I thought against my papers it look a bit harsh and added the ribbon and clouds. Also did a bit of stitching which I haven't done for months because my machine has been acting up. It wasn't an expensive machine to begin with and I figured it would cost more to fix it than it was worth so bought a new one in Ikea of all places. Went for picture frames and came out with a sewing machine lol. It was less than my original machine (£45), has more stitching options and works a treat :-D

I used Nestabilities instead of punches for the bunny. The main card blank and bunny bum, feet and clouds are SU! card stock which I LOVE and have been hoarding as I think it might be discontinued (if I'm wrong please let me know!). It's got a fleck through it and isn't white white iykwim. 

You can see the fleck properly here. I LOVE the pom pom cute!

Coen has gone up North to spend Easter with his other grandparents. I had him yesterday and because we had ANOTHER lovely day I did a little photo shoot....

I put up chairs for barricades and let him scoot about in his walker...he loved it though I did keep a close eye on him just in case.

I think this picture is hilarious...It's almost like he's saying 'what am I supposed to do with know I can't throw grandma' rofl

Ok...I said a short post and I meant it. I'm going to go and enjoy the rest of the weather or maybe I'll make a card...decisions decisions lol.

Enjoy your Easter and don't eat too many chocolate eggs!!!

Catch ya later x


mixamatoasties said...

Happy Easter! Hope you've had a fabulous day.

Love the card. What a cute Bunny's Bum card ;)

And Coen just gets more adorable.

Susan xx

Kathleen said...

Brilliant card.
Fabulous photo's may have to kidnap
I got no eggs.

Kath x

Faith A said...

I nearly choked when I saw your details on the tail, I was using different glasses and thought it said porn porn tail!!!!!!!!!!

Great card where pom or porn! LOL.

Your little chap is growing so much, love seeing his photos, whether I comment or not.