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Saturday, 18 May 2013

Baby.....where are you????

No sign of Baby McLeod yet though thought something might happen during the night as Nicole said her tummy felt full and tighter than usual. So far we've tried castor oil, hot baths, Nando's hot peri peri chicken, pineapple and 2 rounds of speed bumps and have had nothing but vomiting (castor oil) sweats and tingling lips (peri peri chicken) and tears of laughter (speed bumps)!!!!

At her hospital appointment on Wednesday the midwife said if she doesn't go herself they'll take her in on the 24th and induce her on the 25th....12 days overdue :-( Everybody please think happy thoughts of a safe delivery this weekend :-D

I've been having a bit of a clear out the last month or so. I've sold most of my beloved Penny Black stamps, all of my Papertrey Ink stamps as well as some Stampendous, Whippersnapper and Hero Arts though I still have hundreds left. I haven't used them in years and I thought it was someone else's turn to love them :-D 

I came across a bag of 57 Promarkers...I just couldn't get the hang of them...and wondered if anyone would be interested in buying them (don't know why it took me until I bought 57 before I realized I couldn't get the hang of them when I knew after the first few!!!) The pens are virtually brand new...I'm guessing 1 hour colouring time if that and not all of them have been used so they're still very juicy. I'd like to sell them as a set for £50 plus postage...less than £1 each!!! For anyone who is just starting out this is a real bargain. If you're interested email me at

If anyone uses Lasting Impressions Brass Stencils I have over a hundred I'm trying to sell as well and if you're interested you can email me at the above address as well.

Hope you have a great weekend and fingers crossed baby comes SOON!!

Catch ya later xx


Jan Ltc said...

We are waiting for our 5 Grand baby to arrive our 1st grandson he is due on 24th! Docs said he was ready to come a week ago but we are still waiting.
Hope everything goes well happy positive thoughts coming your way!
xx Jan

Marianne said...

I guess we've all been hoarding things we did not actually need or use. ;-(
Sending positive vibes your (and Nicole's) way!
Marianne x

Rose said...

Who has a kitchen floor that needs scrubbing? I felt the urge to scrub the kitchen floor on my hands and knees with a scrub brush and pail of soapy water. My mother was very unhappy about me doing that but my water broke the next morning and my dear son was born about five hours later. Just sayin . . . LOL!!! Love 'n Hugz, ~ Rose