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Monday, 7 January 2013

Happy New Year - I've been hacked!!

This isn't the post I had planned as my first of 2013 but unfortunately my email was compromised and all my contacts received an email from 'me' saying I was stranded in Manilla and to send money so I could get out!

I was out with Nicole looking at cots and furniture for Baby McLeod and my phone was on silent so when I looked at it I thought I was extremely popular as I had umpteen texts, emails and miss calls. Obviously I wasn't as popular as I thought lol ... it was everyone trying to find out if I was really in the Philippines/did I know I'd been hacked/did I need money!!! Marianne in Greece called to make sure I was ok and I was a bit stressed as I was trying to change my aol password which wasn't working and I was a bit snappy (I did call her back and apologize and we had a laugh about it but sorry again Marianne!) 

Trying to find a contact number for AOL is a nightmare. When I eventually found one it was for the States and they wanted my 10 digit telephone number or 5 digit post phone number has 11 digits and my post code 6 so that wasn't working. Finally got through to a lovely chap in India. I explained what I wanted and while he was trying to get me the right number wished me a Happy New Year and asked how I was. I wished him back, told him I would be better once this mess was fixed and asked how he was. He sighed and said that he had girl problems.....that the girl he loved didn't love him and loved someone else and he didn't know what to do!! He was comparing his story to that of Superman, Spiderman and the two from Twilight (not a fan ... I know one is called Edward!) So what did I do??? I did what I seem to do a lot of...I counselled him! I was trying to cook dinner, get the number from him and tell him he'd get the girl in the end lol. Can't get through on the number he gave me but I'll keep trying. In the meantime please DON'T send any money (I think you're more clever than that) and thank you for your concern and apologies for the inconvenience.

I'll be back soon with something crafty....I hope!

Catch ya later x

EDIT: I finally changed my password but I'm not telling you what it is lol!!! A BIG thank you to Tams...between the two of us we got it sorted. For some reason Chrome wasn't letting me change it so I brought up Internet Explorer and it let me do it from there. Tams says when she has problems logging onto websites through Chrome/IE/Firefox etc she always tries another browser. So there's a little top tip for you :-D


Rusty said...

Offer is still there for help if needed .... Did I mention I gifted over 3 billion dollars to help you? its fine though, you can pay me in stamps! haha! xxx

Gemma said...

Hi hun

I was just about to come on here and leave a message about this because i had received an email from you too but as i have heard about this sort email going around before i knew it wouldn't be true...i hope you get something sorted soon and that it didn't cause to much upset!!

Anyhoo hun hope you and your family had a fabulous C'mas and New Year...all the best for 2013!!
hugs and xxx

Mary J said...

You can rip up the £15,000 cheque I just sent you honey!

Marianne said...

Oh boy, sounds like you are missing out on a lot of money now that all your friends are backing out LOL. Seriously, I'm glad you got everything sorted out and I hope the rest of this year will be smooth sailing after this bumpy start. And like I said before, you were not snappy on the phone, you merely sounded like someone who had a lot of things on her mind and was a 'little' stressed, as could be expected.
Marianne x

Kathleen said...

Oh gosh, how dreadful,poor you, bet you were having a great time looking at all the baby items.
A couple of years ago I received an e-mail supposedly from the owners of Samuel Taylors (Embsay Crafts as was then) and it was just the same, someone had got there customer list I think.
I didn't send any money, they have had enough of mine lol.

Kath x

Jane said...

It's such a pain isn't it Kerry. I wouldn't mind but the wording of the email was nothing like "Kerry speak"...there was not a single fabulicious in there..LOL.Glad all sorted and hope you had fun chosing baby furniture. Lots of love xxxxxxxxxxxx

Roni said...

Oh Kerry I didn't email you back coz I was worried they'd get it so I emailed the challenge email address! I knew it just couldn't be you coz the wording just wasn't you but then you think but what if...but I am so glad you are ok and not stranded in the Phillapines!!

Happy New Year and I know I am a bit late but congratulations on your soon to be grandma status, its one of the best jobs ever!!

Big hugs
Roni :D xox

Faith A said...

Well !!!!!!!!! what a story, so glad you are safe and well, you must have been meant to counsel that poor man in India, perhaps he went home happy :)

Happy 2013