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Sunday, 7 October 2012

Who gives a Tossa?

No I haven't run away though sometimes I wish I could lol. Just when I think I'm catching up I end up 10 steps back. I had planned to post these pictures at the end of last week but was busy getting ready for my Pampered Chef fundraiser yesterday then the Mil and Fil arrived on Friday and time just ran away from me.

Here are the pictures from my trip to Tossa de Mar with Sadie...

Our hotel pool

The filth being read at the pool! I spotted two women reading 50 Shades of Grey who weren't bothered if anyone knew but then there were a few ipads and Kindle's about so who knows how many others were reading it lol. Personally I haven't although I have downloaded it. I started to read it a month ago but fell asleep after the 2nd page!

The first 2 1/2 days were beautiful as you can see. This is the beach in Tossa which was my favourite of the 3 beaches we went to. We went here on the first and 3rd day of the holiday and on the 2nd visit it was warm but there was a breeze and the waves were pretty rough. Lots of people were body surfing and loving it. Sadie and I were lying about 25 yards from the shore having a bit of a doze when we almost got washed out to sea by a wave!!!! Ok...slight exaggeration lol but we did get hit by the wave ... I have never seen anyone with two knee replacements move so fast lol. I was closest to the water so I got the brunt of it and I keep telling Sadie I saved her life ;-D

A 'train' took us around Tossa and luckily one of the stops was in front of our hotel which was great for Sadie

This was in Lloret de Mar ... the beach and views were spectacular but it was a town the young ones go to to party all night and sleep all day lol

Not bad for almost 82!

I plonked Sadie on the wall above so I could go off and explore

There is a market on a Thursday not far from our can't really tell from the picture but these red peppers were HUGE...I'm sure some were at least a foot long!!

From the Wednesday afternoon until we left the clouds came and stayed. On the Friday we took a train to Santa Susanna...

For the life of me I can't remember this chaps name and although registered blind Sadie took great interest in his book lol.

As we were coming home on the Sunday we thought we might go to Barcelona on the Saturday. At  7:30 Saturday morning the room phone rings and it's reception telling me our transfer to the airport is waiting for us. I said we weren't going home until Sunday and although a bit puzzled reception said ok. I lay in bed for a few minutes then thought I'd better check the tickets...up I got...padded over to the safe .... took out the tickets and checked ... OMG...we were going home THAT day!!!! For the second time in the space of days I saw Sadie with her two artificial knees move faster than lightening lol. I couldn't work out the phone so got dressed and ran down to the reception desk 145...we ARE leaving today!!!!! He kinda smiled then said our transfer had left and we had to get a the tune of 170 Euros ouch!! Suffice to say I think I'm sacked as Sadie's companion lol. 

Never  dull moment when I'm involved lol

Don't forget our new release on Tuesday which is also the last day of the 60% off cling stamp sale! 

Catch ya later x


Lisa Jane said...

oh what fab photos... looks like you had a lovely time..
Lisa x

Gemma said...

Gorgeous photo's sweetie & looks like a beautiful place to visit...looks like you had a great time!!

I bet they we're all reading Fifty Shades...ooooo these horny peeps lmao

You made me chuckle when you mentioned "For the second time in the space of days I saw Sadie with her two artificial knees move faster than lightening lol"...poor Sadie but it is funny :D

hugs and xxx

Diane's Card Designs said...

lol....I've been sat here giggling. Love the one where you and Sadie are sunbathing and along come a
That's one expensive taxi bill. Never mind at least you both had a good time.
Diane xx

Whimsey said...

Great pictures....

I am SO ANAL about flight dates/times - soooo anal; next time take me.

In the meantime - READ THE BOOK; you have to get to chapter 7 before you even blink an eye. Then hang in there till books 2 and 3 and the insanity will lesson. LOL