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Monday, 8 October 2012

He shoots, he scores!!

Look who scored on Saturday!!

I'm still banned from going to see Ryan play but when he was leaving for the game I hugged him and said I'd give him a fiver if he scored lol. 

Catch ya later xx


Lisa Jane said...


Marianne said...

Well done, both of you, LOL!

Whimsey said...

SWEET - what a GREAT picture!!!

What's a fiver? :D

Faith A said...

Aw! you MUST be so proud, how wonderful. Got to be worth a fiver LOL

Love all your pictures, made me think I had been on holiday LOL. (if only) Just as well you had money left to pay the taxi though ay?

Kathleen said...

Well how proud you must be.
Sorry but well behind in my commenting but have to say loved your account of the holiday in Spain, the pictures were brilliant and I don't mean to be sarcastic but we once went to Spain off season, Bellamadina, and there were a great deal of elderly people staying there, all with stick but when the dinner gong went, the moved like the wind, nearly knocking you over in the rush,, I know it is not the same as your friend.
If you want to see my 4 entries for the past two weeks LCI challenge then you will have to come and look in my rubbish bin.

Kath x