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Saturday, 11 February 2012

Where do I start?

I guess I'd better start by wishing my baby a happy 21st! That's right, my 'little' Steven is 21 today :-D I cannot believe how fast those years have flown by. I was feeling a bit sad though because he's been in Milan since January 6th and isn't coming home until March so would be spending his birthday with strangers :-(

I had a bit of a nightmare yesterday...when I was cleaning the downstairs bathroom I broke the mirror into a gazillion pieces! OMG...I really didn't want 7 more years of bad luck!!! I had to think real fast so to counteract the bad luck...and don't ask me why I thought this would do it...I bought a lottery ticket lol.

We'd not long finished dinner when the doorbell was Steven's girlfriend Vanessa who had been over for dinner on Thursday. I opened the door and the next thing Steven jumps out and shouts surprise!!!! OMG...I was stunned and then I started to all teary and he came in and gave me the biggest hug ever. It's so good to have him home although only for 2 weeks...and he brought me a present....5 weeks of washing lol. Apart from his socks and pants he hadn't washed any of his clothes pewwwwww! Apparently everyone knew he was coming home except Vanessa and I. So now I'm thinking breaking the mirror wasn't bad luck and must remember to check my lottery tickets!!!

Steven James born at 5:15pm on February 11, 1991 weighing 7lbs 5 ounces. This is him at 3 months with just a few chins lol

This his Steven last year...all 6' 6 1/2" of him ...he's changed a bit don't you think lol

This is Steven and Vanessa just before he left for Milan

Of course I made him a card which I mailed on Monday but he hadn't received before he left. At least I can show him the pictures. This is what I did...

My friend Elaine helped out with the numbers...she cut them out on her Cricut...I think it was the Mickey Mouse cartridge. I stamped, coloured and cut out Add On Magnum and the cake that comes with it then from the Add On set I stamped the balloon 3 times and Lily. The idea was for Lily to be floating away with the balloons :-D

I hope his card will be at the agency when he goes back

Of course I wasn't expecting him home so I've no fancy cake or ballooons which I would normally do for such a special birthday. I'll be running around today trying to get something sorted. Hopefully I'll have some pictures to show you tomorrow :-D

Right...I'd better get my skates on. I hope you have a great weekend...I know I will now my baby's home :-D

Catch ya later x


Wendy - AKA Mrs. B said...

oh, Heck, Kerry -- you got me allllll blubbery! What an AWESOME surprise, Mama! Happy birthday to your baby!!! :) wendy xx

Chrissy said...

What a fantastic surprise Kerry....what a gorgeous baby...oh! hang on...that's the picture above this one...sorry...skipped a accident of must be the proudest Mum ever...Happy Birthday to Steven...great card, Magnum can always make a big hit...


Sally said...

I think you definetely will have a fantastic weekend Kerry. Wow what a surprise to have him home. Great pics
Love the card especially with the big numbers and of course Magnum!
Have a brill time and Happy Birthday to Steven.
Hugs S xx

FairyD said...

Oh he will NOT love you for posting that baby photo of him!!!!!!

Happy 21st anniversary of labour!!!lol Isn't it just scary how quickly it all goes by!!

Enjoy your 'washing' and if you can pull yourself away from it and Steven I'll hopefully see you on Tuesday....xxxx

Have a wonderful weekend honey..x.

Lisa Jane said...

oh that is absolutely fabulous!. what a wonderful surprise .
You should have broken 2 matches to break the bad luck.. that's what we do lol... but cant wait to hear whether you win on the lottery lol
WE are all having lots of fun here .. a great day at the show yesterday and lots of Hilarity when we met up with my parents and sheila last night ..

A trip to Skipton to meet another blogger today and then a night out at the Biggest Indian Restaurant in the world !!
YOu lot have fun.. and we will toast Steven tonight!
Lisa x

Jane said...

How lovely Kerry to have your baby home...he has changed just a bit since that photo...he will shoot you for doing that! You made him such a beautiful card. Enjoy your family celebrations and congrats to Steven.
Jane x

Mary J said...

A fabulous card for a fabulous son - what a lovely surprise for you! Have a great time!

Hayley @ said...

What a lovely surprise to have your baby home for his Birthday! I think I'd have been very emotional too!
Have a wonderful weekend, I'm sure Steven's Birthday will be fantastic shared with his family. Oh and... 'enjoy' the washing lol!

Marianne said...

Now THAT is what I call a surprise party! But are you sure those pics you posted are of one and the same person? Enjoy the weekend. The washing can wait until after Steven's birthday, lol. And you're so right about Magnum being perfect for male cards. Love this one, too. Marianne xx

Faith A said...

Wonderful wonderful surprise, he's so hunky too.

Catherine said...

What a fantastic surprise Kerry, hope you all have an amazing time together...... the card is fab too. Love the numbers. The heart you asked about is from the cheery Lynn heartland die. Is that the one you have? It's a doily die but all the bits come apart so you can have it as one big die cut or use all the bits.... does that help?

Diane's Card Designs said...

Wonderful card Kerry! Such a cute baby photo and what a handsome young man he has turned out to be.
What a fabulous surprise. Have a lovely weekend!
Diane xx

Amanda R said...

What a nice surprise for you Kerry! Love his card, so cute with Lily floating away!

DesignerDiva said...

Oh Kerry that must have been sooooo emotional! I still cry every time my eldest goes back to Uni and he's been there nearly 7 years now!
Fab card, you really do do magnum very well! And now I know how to use it - I'm going to get my cricut out to play!
Hugs Laurie xx

Suzy Q said...

He's a fine, handsome boy!! & that's a fine, handsome card!! What a wonderful surprise xx