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Sunday, 19 January 2014


Merry Christmas, Happy New Year and all that stuff! I bet you thought I'd immigrated back to Canada huh lol. I cannot tell you what the last 6 weeks have been like. I feel like I haven't stopped since my birfday. Speaking of which, let me get the winner of my birfday candy out of the way and I'll tell you what's been going on in my life. You might want to grab a coffee or 3 for this one lol.

Thank you to everyone who wished me a happy birfday whether it was on my blog, email, text, Whatsapp, Facebook or phone call :-D The winner of my birfday candy is.......

Can you email me at Gail and I'll mail your prezzie off to you. If you haven't claimed your prezzie by January 31st I'll draw another name. If you know Gail, give her a nudge ;-D

Now that's out of the way I'll give you a quick brief of my birfday. Nic called me the night before to say be ready for 7:45 am....AM!!!!!! As far as I knew Nic, Coen and I were going for lunch and that was awful early for lunch lol. My brain started going into overdrive and I finally figured out what was happening....Steven was flying in from Dubai and we were picking him up at the airport!!!!! Nic arrived and I was so excited I was going to see Steven. Well I was wrong lol. My friend Sally from Chester followed Nic and there were squeals and laughing all round. I was told to pack a bikini and my makeup.....that could only mean one thing...a SPA day!!! A taxi picked us up and took us to The Blytheswood in Glasgow. The spa is absolutely gorgeous and we enjoyed a quick dip in the hot 'tub' before being called for our treatments. We each had a hot stone massage then a facial...bliss! Afterwards we were going to have cocktails then move on somewhere else for lunch but I ended up being surprised with afternoon tea with hubby's family from Ireland and down south.

Nic Sally & I at the Spa

Ready for our treatments

Yummy afternoon tea

MIL, me & SIL

SIL, me & SIL

Party planner Nic & I

Cousins....Ciara, Ellyn & Nic

The day after my birthday and everyone had gone home, Nic surprised me with tickets to see the amazing Lion King in Edinburgh on the Wednesday. This was us sipping French Martini's at the Dome.

I had an amazing 3 days of celebrations. Opening my presents was very emotional. Hubby gave me a card with the month of August in the shape of a coaster on the front. The 6th was circled and he made me guess what it was. The only thing I could think of was my niece back home was getting married. 2013 was a difficult year for us (apart from Coen) so didn't think I'd get to go. When I opened the card a piece of paper fell out...I could feel myself start to cry (again) and handed the paper to Ellyn to read. She started to read....Glasgow to Vancouver...well I started to sob then (such a crybaby lol). I haven't been home in 4 years and didn't know when the next time would be so I think the flood gates just opened. I leave on the 6th of August and return September 4th with a little trip to see Ryan in LA if possible. 

I never really stopped after that....Ryan arrived home from LA on the 14th, I babysat, put up the Christmas decorations, baked but never made a Christmas card! It's the first time I can remember that I never sent cards :-( Steven wasn't able to make it home for Christmas ... or so we thought. On the 19th I was in my craftroom (not making anything unfortunately) and noticed out of the corner of my eye someone running down my drive. Ryan had just left in the car so thought he'd forgotten something but this person was too tall. I went to the hall and Steven burst into the house all smiles. Well I just this what happens when you turn turn to mush lol???? I'd been a bit sad that he was going to spend Christmas on his own in Dubai so you can imagine how happy I was that we were all going to be together for our first  Christmas together with Coen....

Happy family

Mommy's best boy

 Ben, Steven, Ryan & Nic Christmas morning

Ryan, Sara, Coen, Ben & Nic

Grandma, Grandpa and their little Santa

Coen loves his Uncle Steven

and his Uncle Ryan



I hope you haven't fallen asleep lol. I've so many pictures I can't decide which ones but promise only a few more ;-D

Ryan's friend and acting coach Sara arrived December 27 staying until January 2 ... we had a great time and she's a lovely woman. Steven went back to Dubai on the 30th but not before realising when he booked his return date he accidentally chose January 30th 2014 instead of December 30th and had to buy another ticket :-S 

Nicole and Ben asked Ryan and Ben's sister Faye to be Coen's godparents which meant we had to organize the Christening before Ryan went back to LA on the 13th. The 12th was chosen and everything was going well...perhaps too well lol. Yup...turns out Ryan had to delay his flight back because of a Visa/passport mix up and is now waiting for his renewed Canadian passport to arrive which could take up to 20 days!!!

 Cuddling with Grandpa before the Christening

The Godparents

The end!


Thanks for putting up with all the pictures.... I thought it would explain why you haven't seen me for almost 6 weeks. I did manage to make 2 cards in all that time which I'll show you another time....I think you've been put through enough for tonight ;-D

I hope to post a bit more regular from now on though that might change in 3 1/2 weeks when Nic goes back to work and I look after Coen for 3 days and 1 night!!!! 

Thanks for stopping by.

Catch ya later xx


Faith A said...


Lovely to see you back, what an exciting time you've had and wonderful to have all the family together.

Thanks for all the piccies, I enjoyed looking.

Look forward to seeing what you have for us next :)
Have a great week.

DesignerDiva said...

OMG! that was a marathon post but I loved every minute (watching Coen grow is like a soap opera and I'm addicted to it!) what a handsome little man he's grown into, now I want one even more than ever!! Great pictures Kerry, thank you for sharing them with us.
I had an eventful start to the new year and not in the way I was hoping for!! All good now and back on track I hope
Take care, hugs Laurie xx

Whimsey said...

What fun - I sooooo love seeing all the pictures; your family is so very precious and great looking!!! :D

Glad your birfday was so awesome, filled with many, many surprises! What a blessing!!

Rusty said...

And breathe!! .... Glad to see you back :D x

♥Gemma♥ said...

Looks like you had a fab birthday hun so well deserved me thinks!!

Does sound like you had a very busy time over the Christmas period...but all exciting thou!!
hugs and xxx