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Tuesday, 2 September 2014

The final LCI challenge - EVER!

Can you tell from the post title what I'm about to say? Well there's no sugar coating this so here goes...after 5 years I have decided it's time close Ladybug Crafts Ink. Although I am a bit sad I feel very blessed that I was able to fulfill my dream of having my own stamp collections and sharing them with the craft world. I have had a great time...'met' a lot of wonderful people, have made amazing friends and have worked with talented illustrators. My Design Team and Guest Designers have been THE BEST. 

For the Grand Finale I have invited retired Ladybugs and GD's to join in the celebrations so if you go over to the 
Challenge Blog you will need to put the kettle on because there will be a lot to see lol. We are all choosing our favourite Ladybug Crafts Ink image ... stamp or digital so the obvious theme for our final challenge is FAVOURITE IMAGE. I hope some of the entries will include LCI images :-D

Of course there is a sale starting TODAY for the month of September. All stamps are a pound and there will be 30% off ribbon, felt, nailheads, and buttons. The Swarovski Crystals are NOT in the sale and all sales will be final. There will also be a free gift with every purchase! Keep your eyes peeled for additions to the sale.

Nikki & Friends was my first collection and although I love all the images from all the collections,  Original Nikki is my favourite because she was the first one I saw when her illustrator emailed me the first drafts. It was love at first sight lol.

Here is my card....

I hope you will join us in our last ever challenge. The sale ends September 30th but make sure you shop early so as not to be disappointed!

Catch ya later x


Marianne said...

Now why am I not surprised? I guess I knew this moment was coming when your blog posts became fewer and farther apart and of course I could not fail to notice that Coen is taking up a good deal of your time. I think it's only natural that our priorities are shifting over time. I do hope, though, that you will continue to blog and keep us posted about cute Coen and the rest of the family and maybe throw in a card every once in a while.
Marianne x

Jane said...

Through your wonderful stamps Kerry I met you and have made a great friend. We have so much in common don't we! Nikki is my favourite of all the gorgeous ranges you have brought to the crafting world and she will still shine out there. You should be very proud of what you achieved over the last 5 years. I think you have made a sensible decision, you are a wonderful Grandma to Coen and you will have so many special memories spending more time with him. Our babies grow so quickly don't they..I can't believe Daisy is nearly 10 months old...gulp. Cheers to you my dear and all the very best for the future. Me xxxxxxxxxxxx

Faith A at Daffodil Cards said...

A sad goodbye is in the cards. I have loved your images and your wonderful posts and seeing your precious little boy grow and with news of his other family as well.

I remember the lovely email you sent me a very long time ago with reassurance, it was so very kind of you.

God Bless and enjoy your precious time, which will go too quickly, with Coen.

Kathleen said...

Gorgeous card so very pretty.

Kath x

Chris said...

Your card is gorgeous, that layered fish tail thingy!

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