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Saturday, 29 January 2011

Booth set up

Greetings from LA!!!

I am too pooped to chat so I'm just going to show you pictures of  us setting up the booth.

This is what we saw when we arrived this morning (Friday) We all got super excited :-D

No rest for the wicked...BFF and Shelly putting the velcro dots on the flowers

Tracey decorating the work counter

Annette's hard work

Mrs Spock lol

Getting there


This is how we left it though we have a few things to do on opening day (Saturday - we're 8 hours behind so it's still Friday as I'm typing this) The creative director (Tracey) is going to make a table out of cardboard boxes and cover them with black fabric we bought. We're going to put 3D items on there so will take a picture and show you the final result on my next post.

Sue from Craftwork Cards is across from us and Debbi Moore beside us so it's like little UK in LA lololol. I needed a hole punch so wandered around the other booths to see if I could borrow one when I stumbled across none other than Emily from Stamping Bella and her hubby Ryan! It was flabulous to meet her in person as we had shared some emails in the past. I'll try and persuade her to get her picture taken with
me :-D.

That's me for bed is calling and I've got a big day ahead....hope I can get some sleep! Will report back tomorrow.

Catch ya later x

Wednesday, 26 January 2011

I'm leaving on a jet plane, don't know when I'll be back again...

This is it peeps...the final countdown eek!!! I THINK I've got everything packed...samples, passport, tickets, money, laptop (once I've finished this lol), uniforms, Skechers. Well... um there might be a little problem with the Skechers. When I tried on my black trousers they were a little itty bit on the tight side so Monday night I was surfing the net for high waisted trousers to tuck that muffin top in. Finally found a pair in Matalan of all places. Thing was Tuesday I was taking Ruby to Stirling for her checkup at 11 and I had to get my business cards in Falkirk so what I did was found a Matalan in Falkirk in case I had time on the way but also another couple in case I had to go on the way back. We set off at 8:50 to drop Rocky off at Doggy Daycare then headed to Falkirk, got my business cards and directions to Matalan...found the store and raced in and grabbed 2 pairs (£14 each...can't beat that and they're pretty flab!) and managed to get to the vets in time for Ruby's appoointment. So back to the Skechers. The longest length the trousers came in was 31" and I'm at least 33". I tried the shoes on and I looked ridiculous...shouts of 'the floods over' rang in my ears so I grabbed a pair of scissors and let the hem down. Still didn't look right so I tried on another pair of black trainerish shoes I've got and they're fine. So after all that about my Skechers and my Cindy Crawford butt it looks like I'll have to put up with a saggy bottom for a bit longer hmph!

As you know my team have made samples for CHA. I haven't posted any of them on here because they've posted them on their own blogs. But I wanted to show you a couple of things Annette made for me. You are gonna love these and if they don't sell a stamp or two along with all the other gorgeous samples then nothing will!

When I was in CW the other week Annette asked me to pick up one of those chipboad circle albums but they didn't have one. They did however have a cupcake one and this is what Annette came up with...

Annette stamped Cupcake Cutie - Cherry on Top onto shrink plastic, coloured it then shrunk it!

A cupcake recipe and Make a Wish

Cupcake Stack

Wagon full of Cupcakes

and finally Cherry on Top

The end!

Annette had posted on her blog a little set of cards using Buttercup In the Doghouse and Curious she'd made for a friend. Of course I loved it straight away and asked if she'd make me one for CHA and she did :-D



Roof lifted

Notecards and envelopes

Curious Buttercup. How adorable are these projects!

Once again thank you to my Lovely Ladybugs for their samples, Elaine and Annette for cutting out my stand decorations with their Cricuts and samples and all my friends, family and you for your help, support and encouragement in getting me to CHA. I'm so excited, nervous, scared all at once but I've got BFF and my sisters to keep me calm and hopefully we'll have a great time. I look forward to meeting some of the people's blogs I follow... I'll be blog struck lololol! I plan on taking plenty of pictures and trying to post as much as I can so you can see how we're doing.

I guess I'd better get to my bed or I'll sleep through my alarm! Have a great week and thanks for stopping by :-D

Catch ya later x

Tuesday, 25 January 2011

TLT - GD Amber - Plum Crazy With Stitching

It's that time again...TLT and today is the turn of our lovely Guest Designer Amber. Sadly this is also Amber's last week with us so make sure you give her lots of Ladybug Love.

 For her challenge Amber has chosen Plum Crazy with Stitching. Well, you all know I love stitching on my cards so that was a no brainer and also my one of my favourite colours is purple and plum is part of the purple family right :-D I wanted to use a stamp that I hadn't inked up in a while and Swing Ruby was definitely a candidate!

I knew straight away the perfect pp would be from Bo Bunny...this one is full of plum gorjossity! I stamped Swing Ruby on Copic X-press cs and coloured her in with my Copics (doh). I've started to love this cs even though it is a bit thin but it does what it says on the or very little bleeding. This was the third image I coloured, the first two I stamped on other cs and the bleeding was terrible.

I sponged the sky with a blue Colorbox cats eye inkpad

I used plenty of glitter on her wings, ruffle of her dress and a dusting on the leaves. Sparkly amethyst Swarovski crystals finished off her shoes.

I {heart} Ruby Fairies...I don't use them enough but that's going to change!

Make sure you check out the Challenge Blog to see if you're a winner from last week. There were some fabulous entries and I hope you'll enter this week with the same enthusiasm :-D If you're the winner of the stamp of your choice can you please let me know before Thursday so I can mail it to you before I leave otherwise it won't be until after February 4th.

Sorry this is short and sweet but I have to take Ruby to see her surgeon this morning and have to fit in some stops before and after! No rest for the wicked lol.

Thanks for stopping by...enjoy TLT and let us Ladybugs know what you think!

Catch ya later x

Monday, 24 January 2011

Miss me?

Phew...what a busy time I'm having! Have you ever been soooo busy that you can't remember what you've done? That's me at the moment lol. I'm slowly getting through my list and getting things packed for CHA. Did I tell you I was going??? LOL I've only had one coffee so far today so I'm not THAT giddy!!

Anywho, thought I'd just check in with a few things while I've got a couple of minutes. First thing is did anyone get their Cardmaking & Papercraft magazine yet??? Well if you didn't check this out...

Nikki & Ben have made the 'My Favourite Valentine's' page :-D It's not strictly a Valentine's stamp but that just shows you the versatility of the stamp. A lot of Valentine's stamps are restricted in their uses but this one can be ANYTHING be it Anniversary, I love you, thinking of you...whatever your imagination allows. So that was very exciting. Also there's a rumour going around my mug is in the Papercraft Essentials magazine...I only hope they got my good side lololol.

Next I want to show you a card that arrived this morning and put a big smile on my face. This card was sent to me by Magnum & Lily's illustrator's daughter Chloe (still with me lol?) who is 10 (I hope I got that right!) I went to visit Moira and Chloe last weekend for a catch up. I spent a lovely few hours with them and the new addition to their family ... a very fluffy ball of fur called Oscar. This is the card Chloe made...

Look at the colouring...I'm sure I couldn't colour that well when I was 10! If you click on the picture you'll see the beads and crystals Chloe's has glued on. She's assured me that this card took a long time to make lol and I believe it!!

Don't you just love the sentiment she put with Catflap Magnum lol. Thank you Chloe...I LOVE my card :-D

I thought I'd treat you to a few more cards that Ann and Gaynor sent me the other week....

Cute or what!



I've got to get on with more packing and rethink the clothes I'm taking with me to LA. I got an email confirmation from the hotel this morning and at the bottom it gives the 7 day forecast...the average temperature is 23 degrees Celsius and it's going to be sunny for the most part! I know we'll be indoors for 4 of the days we're there but there's the other 3 to take into consideration. Heat.. I can't wait to feel warm again without having to wear layers and turn the thermostat up to high!

Oh...I just remembered how my morning went (my head's all over the place lol)...I met Suzy Q at CB to pick up a clip board she got for me at CW at the weekend. Then I went to Elaine's to pick up the ladybugs she cut out for me with her Cricut. I then picked up some dog food and finally went to the PO to post a couple of orders. I parked my car and walked around to the main street where I nipped into a cobblers to get some heel lifts as my super duper Skechers are digging into my ankles. I came out of there only to realise I left my mail in the car so headed back only to arrive at my car for it to dawn on me I'd put the mail in my handbag doh!!! Back to the main street to the PO. I'm standing in line next to be served when when an old dear comes back to the front of the line (she'd just been served)...chats to a lady saying she'd forgot to post a letter when she'd paid a bill and wasn't going to stand in the line again and promptly stood in front of me! She didn't look at me...didn't ask if I minded...didn't even look embarrassed. I turned to the lady behind me and she was already shaking her head and tutting lol. If she had just asked me if I minded it wouldn't have bothered me. When it should have been my turn she walked straight up to the window and did her business and turned and walked away! I called out after her 'your welcome' and she didn't even flinch! And they talk about young people being rude!!

Ok, that's definitely it for me for today. Hope you have a great week. Make sure you stop by tomorrow for will {heart} what the team have got for you :-D

Catch ya later x

Thursday, 20 January 2011

One week today...

...I'll have landed at Heathrow and looking for BFF {squeal}!!!!!!!! I can't believe it's only a week before I go. It seemed so far off before Christmas and now it's almost here and I'm in the middle of chaos trying to make sure I've got everything...ticking my non existent list (must make another one PDQ!).

 But there is good news people...I remembered where my samples are!!!! I was getting myself into a right twist yesterday trying to remember where on earth they could be. My memory is shocking these days...I'm hoping it's just on overload at the moment...and I was making a last ditch phone call to one of my customers thinking I'd lent them to her (knowing deep down I hadn't but I had to try) and just when she answered, the light bulb went on in my head....Craft World!!!! I finally remembered I had taken them to the SECC for Gaynor and Donald to use on their stand. I'd made arrangements in November to pick them up so off I went to the store...chatted away to all the girls...bought some stash....walked out and went home....without the samples!!! I called Gaynor and sure enough they were still there so I'm heading over today to pick them up....PHEW!!!! That's one crisis over lol.

BFF called last was supposed to be a quick ten minute hour and 10 minutes later we were still yakking lol. Of course we are going to LA to work (honest) but we have one full day to shop before we get our flight home so we were planning where we were going to go. As there are 4 of us it might be tricky to all agree on the same place but we'll give it a go. BFF works for the Post Office and she gave me a top tip. If you're going to the States (I'm sure other countries are included in this) and want to buy your $'s, order them through the PO online to be sent to your local PO and you'll get a higher rate...even higher than going into the PO!!

My fellow Ladybug Mary J has awarded all us Ladybugs an award...My Blog Has Attitude! How cool is that...thanks Mary J :-D

For this award I have to tell you 3 things you don't know about me. Now I don't know how interesting these are but here goes...

1) OH proposed 2 weeks after we met. I said no to the 1st, 2nd and 3rd proposal. I got sick, thought I was dying and proposed to him (didn't want to die without being married!). Six months to the day we met we got married

2) My mom was born in Shanghai China and is half Chinese which makes me 1/4 Chinese

3) I played softball for 10 years and was the star pitcher

The deal is I have to pass this award onto another 5 but don't feel you need to do's just a bit of fun :-D

Now speaking of Jeanie, I received another email from her at the beginning of the week with another flabulous card. This one's for TKT - That's Krafty Thursday and you all know Jeanie LOVES her kraft cs! You will LOVE this one....

Isn't Buttercup gorgeous! Jeanie's used one of my favourite ladybug pp's....I think I've got a small piece of it left saved for a special occasion :-D

Ok, that's it for me for today (phew says you lol). I've got plenty on my plate so I'm going to skedaddle. Hope you have a great Thursday. Keep those entries coming in for the Challenge..they're looking flabulous!

Catch ya later x

Wednesday, 19 January 2011


What did you think of TLT? How flabulous were my girls cards yesterday! We've already got some great entries for the challenge already...can't wait to see what you all come up with. I'm definitely a fan of shaped cards now!
So today I'm feeling a bit stressed. I've managed to supress it these last few weeks but for some reason I had a moment today but think I'm back on track. I was walking Ruby and Rocky this morning and I could feel myself getting all tight inside, the throat restricted and the tears rising. Boy what a wimp lol! I think the long walk helped and I'm raring to go...sort of!

I haven't updated you on Ruby for a while. She's doing great. She's on lead walks and as each week goes by we can add another 5 minutes. She had a blood test today to check her thyroid levels and next week we go back to the surgeon to get her leg x-rayed. She's chomping at the bit to go out without her lead but I have a feeling it will be another month or so before that's allowed. I've noticed that when Ruby walks her hind leg is more centered as opposed to out to the side and also when she does a wee she squats more than putting the leg out for balance. So it's all good with her :-D

I managed to finish the uniforms last night bar one. I ordered 8 black t-shirts from Gap Online...if you ordered over 3 you got an extra 25% off :-D I figured we'd get a bit smelly if we only had one each to wear for the 4 days of CHA so I went all out and treated us to 2 each lol. Of course they were a bit plain but I had a plan. I'd hoped to be able to buy crystal ladybug transfers and just iron them on and get the job done in 10 minutes but the only ladybug ones I found were pot know the ones with the legs and beady eyes...blech. The ones I did like were international and I wasn't prepared to pay the exhorbitant postage so had a thunk to myself and decided I would do it myself! At the time it sounded like a great difficult could it be??? The first idea I had was to print off one of the images I liked then punch the holes to place the crystals in (I did look for a template but there was one for every insect but a ladybug!) then set them with my Kandi Kane. After 5 minutes of hammering I decided that wasn't going to work so set about doing it by placing the crystals myself using a picture as a guide. This is the end result....what do you think?

I am over the moon with how they turned out and although it took about an hour per t-shirt it was worth it. They are so sparkly IRL...I used Crystal Clear and Siam Swarovski crystals. I did try on a t-shirt to make sure I got the ladybug in the right spot so I hope I did...I'm afraid to try mine on now lol. The sizes range from x-small, small and medium but I'm sure our boobs (can I say that on a blog!!!) are going to be in the same place rofl.

Here is a close up...picture isn't great but I think I did a great job (nothing like patting yourself on the back lol) I ended up cutting out 3 circles with my Nesties, cutting one in half for the wings, one for the body and one for the head. I lay it on the t-shirt and placed the crystals along the outside edges, head and belly then did the rest by eye. I found the antenae the most tedius but I watched Glee and CSI to get me through it lol.

I'm a bit upset because I can't find some of my samples. I've lent some out in the past and I'm sure I've collected them all back but there are some I would have loved to take with me. I'm sure I have enough with what the DT have done for me but you never know if that one sample will seal the deal! I've turned the house upside down and I only hope I haven't thrown them out by mistake. I can't imagine doing that but stranger things have happened.

Today's task is to re-design the order form, print them off, sort the samples into their boxes and see how much space they take up in my new super duper extra large bag. Honestly...I think all those who volunteered to help would fit into the bag lol.

Ok...that's enough. Hope I haven't sent you to sleep :-S Thanks for popping in :-D

Catch ya later x

Tuesday, 18 January 2011

TLT - Lisa's Challenge - Anything but square!

Woo hoo...can you believe it's TLT AGAIN! This year's just whizzing by lol. Before I rabbit on about this weeks challenge I want to thank everyone who entered last weeks challenge and for your lovely comments regarding the release of Baby Baby. Make sure you check out the Challenge Blog to see if you were one of the winners!

It's my flabulous co-ordinator Lisa's turn to pick the challenge :-D All I seem to do is square cards...don't know what it is but I love them but Lisa sent me into a bit of a tiz choosing the challenge - Anything But Square!! Uh oh...this meant I was going to have to think outside the box....outside the box ...get it lololol... Boy I crack myself up sometimes! Anywho back to the challenge....normally I would have done a circle but then Mary J did 3 amazing circle cards for the blog hop so I binned that idea. Tams did an amazing triangle card for my birthday so I didn't want to do that either...she would have accused me of copying her lol! So there was nothing for it but to use my Stampin' Up! somethingorother die :-D

Have a look what I came up with...

I adore Guilty Jack and only had one sample for CHA so decided to ink him up. The pp is Nitwits that Annette gave me for my birthday...thanks Annette!

I coloured the dirt and decided it wasn't dirty enough so added a bit of brown flock to give it a bit of texture. I put Glossy Accents on the J and the rubber of his running shoes. My smallest crystals were too big for the flower centres so I used teeny weeny Papermania shimmer dots.

This is one of my favourite tricks. I wanted something other than a plain button so I grabbed a clear SU! button and punch a circle from the Nitwits paper and GA'd it to the back of the button. When it dried I poked the holes through and threaded some PTI twine through and tied it in a bow and voila...a coordinating patterned button!!

So that's it...I think it still needs something but couldn't decide what...maybe a bit of smudging of the edges? I'm happy enough and hope you like it. Make sure you check out the rest of the Ladybug's creations and leave plenty of know we love to hear what you think :-D

I was busy last night working on the 'uniforms' and I have amazed myself lol. I am over the moon with the way they've turned out. I'm not going to say any more but check in tomorrow and you'll see what I'm talking about.

Thanks for stopping by today.

Catch ya later x

Sunday, 16 January 2011

What a mess!

I thought I'd show you my extremely untidy spare bedroom and what it's being used for at the moment. As I received the samples for CHA from my wonderful Ladybugs I've been putting them on the bed in their corresponding groups ie all Jacks together, all Robyns etc. I want to take at least 2 samples of each image so I've got them piled on top of each other. My dining room doesn't look to disimilar lol.

I was in Morrison's supermarket a couple of weeks ago and saw these shoe boxes and thought they'd be perfect for transporting the samples safely. Two 5 1/2 x 5 1/2 cards fit perfectly with a slight overlap and depending on how much the card is embellished I think I'll get at least 12 cards in each box. In the picture there are 6 cards in the box and there's plenty of room left for more :-D

I've almost finished the giveaways and tomorrow I hope to start on our uniforms...if they turn out the way I hope we will be stunnalicious lol. Fingers crossed I'll have something to show you on Wednesday :-D

The mailman brought me a flabulous package yesterday...samples from Gaynor and Ann!! Here are a few of them...

Aren't they flabulous! I'm so happy about Pram Nikki because there are some samples I can't seem to find and she was one of them. Time is running out and I wasn't sure I'd be able to get one made on top of everything else I'm doing.

We've had another great response to last weeks Baby challenge and tomorrow is the last day to buy Baby Baby at the special price of £6.99. Don't forget Hayley as a fantastic sale going on right now...10% discount and free p&p over £20...just enter the code TLTLADYBUGS at the checkout :-D

I think that's it from me for tonight. Hope you've had a great weekend.

Thanks for stopping.

Catch ya later x

Friday, 14 January 2011

Another week over

TGIF!!! How did we get to Friday so quickly? I think 2011 is going to follow 2010 and fly by.

I hope you enjoyed the blog hop on Tuesday...judging by the comments you did :-D My DT really pulled out the stops on this new release and since TLT I have received some of the cards/projects in the mail to take to CHA. The pictures do not do them justice and I wish you could see them IRL. I know I say that a lot but it's true. Suzy Q was over this morning to lend a hand and I showed her some of the projects/cards and she was gobsmacked by them and totally agreed with me.

Apart from the blog hop on Tuesday Elaine, Annette and I were very hard at work. Elaine and Annette brought over the Cricut machines and we set to work cutting out more ladybugs/flowers/vines to decorate my stand at CHA (did I tell you I was going???!!!) We did the same thing for Stitches last year so I'm going to use the same cut outs plus more as the stand is slightly bigger and I'll have more wall space to cover. I  have a table which I'll be able to put the projects that can't be wall mounted on and I've decided I'm going to have a' card of the hour' and display a card on an easel (note to self: go to Ikea at weekend) on the table and swap it over every hour or so.

Back to Tuesday....Elaine cut about 250 ladybugs and Annette set to work on the flowers. I glued the ladybugs together, cut and scored the covers of the giveaway and stuck the pp on the front cover and the PIN on the inside. These are just some of the keychains we've done. I've still to glue the crystals for eyes (thinking I shouldn't have bothered with that!) and a bit more sticking but should be finished them in a few hours...I hope!

Looky!!! My Skechers arrived yesterday :-D I put them on straight away...I think I'm about 6' tall with them on lol. I love them but my kids think they're pretty darn ugly but I don't care...if they do the job (over 100 reviews can't be wrong can they?) and I come back with a bum and legs to rival Cindy Crawfords I'll be a happy Ladybug lol. BFF IM'd (instant messaged) me this morning asking if I'd got them so told her yes and that I loved them. An hour later I got another IM saying she'd ordered hers and we'll look like super models when we come back! I just hope that once the legs and bum is done they'll start working on the muffin top lmao!

After all that I do have a card to share with you. I made this back in November last year for a friend who just had her second baby. You can see how long these images have been in the making.

I'd been chomping at the bit to show you this card but I wasn't ready to release it at that time.

Again I've gone for another simple card with lots of white...

Sleep baby is just so cute...I love the fact you can colour as much or little of the image you want and it will look flabulous either way.

 Don't you love those little tootsie's sticking out of the blanket lol.

I want to remind you that Hayley is having a massive sale at Funky Farm Scrapbook Barn!!! She has 100's of gorgeous papers, flowers, ribbon and other accessories! Lots of Bo Bunny, MME and more! There's also free postage over £20.00 and you can earn loyalty points too. Hayley has also got an exclusive Ladybug code to save 10% on top of the sale prices...just enter TLTLADYBUGS in the code box at the checkout.

 I got some flabulous stash on Tuesday and yesterday for my birthday from two lovely friends and I hope to make something with it over the weekend and show you :-D

Think that's all for now...hope you have a lovely weekend.

Catch ya later x