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How to re-size, move and print a digi In Microsoft Word

 When I want to print an image I open up Microsoft Word and click on the insert tab at the top of the page then picture in the row of icons below it. A box will open with all your files. You find the folder you saved your images to and double click on the image you wish to import to your page. This will appear within a box that has small circles in each corner and small square in between with one having a green dot. This green dot allows you to turn the image. For the newer version of MW there will be a button at the top rightish called Text Wrapping. Click on this which will produce a drop box. Click on any of the of the icons. This will allow you to move your image anywhere on the page. If you don't have the button at the top of your page, right click and you should find it in the box that appears and go from there as I instructed above. Once I've done that and moved my image to the center middle of the page I then grab one of the corner circles and either drag out the way to make it larger or drag inwards to make the image smaller. Dragging the squares will distort your image so be careful. Full pieces of cardstock will not go through my printer so I cut a piece slightly larger than I need (that will also allow me to cut with a die) and using re-positional tape stick it over the image then run it through the printer. This also saves wasting cardstock.

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